The Beginning of the New Venture(Day 2 of 3)

Well, if the traditional PCs are going out of fashion, what comes next?

According to Simon Wardley, a researcher at Leading Edge Forum (CSC), technologies tend to move towards commoditization. He further explains that a technology usually progresses through innovation, bespoke, product and service. The industrial revolution is such an example. So is the PC, I believe. The PC is a product now, but it will finally transition into a service which enables sharing, elasticity and economies of scale. At that time, you will not have to implement or govern the technology, but just buy the ability to do business. In order to achieve such a disruptive transformation from a product-based to a service-based economy, the virtual desktop is born. The advantages of virtual desktop include:

  • Simplifying dramatically the deployment of desktops
  • Improving manageability, security and compliance
  • Customizing and enhancing end-user experiences
  • Delivering “Instant-on” desktops


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