Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Supported by our 24x7x365 engineers, your business can gain the benefit of cloud computing.

Datotel Cloud Services provides access to data storage, virtual servers and desktops through email and mobile device hosting – all on an as-needed basis, allowing organizations to use and pay for technology when you need it, as you would for gas or electricity. One of the most frequent questions we hear is “Where is the cloud actually located, is it hovering somewhere?” Although this whole technological revolution is termed “the cloud”, the data itself resides and has to be processed in a physical location. Here at Datotel, our secure cloud platform is located in our data center, a 30,000 square foot monitored, highly reliable and accessible data center. Supported by our 24x7x365 engineers, your business can gain the benefit of cloud computing and access to resources in an environment that maintains security and protection for your data.

Cloud computing has a number of distinct advantages over your traditional in-house IT deployment model:

Higher scalability
With cloud computing, the computing capacity is there when you need it. No more waiting on purchasing physical resources before you can gain access to them. Consider wanting to add on 50 new employees. Do you have enough storage, processing power, installation and maintenance capabilities to do all this in house? You would if you were working in the cloud. In minutes you would be able to add the emails for the additional users. No waiting, scheduling, appointments or service time needed.

Higher reliability
Realize the benefits of spreading the computing load over a number of resources in a large, remote server environment. If one server fails for any reason, the rest of the server environment is still up and running.

Pay for resources as you need them
Scalability doesn’t mean having to invest in costly server capacity that may go unused. VMware statistics show that average physical server utilization is less than 6 percent, in other words, most companies are leaving the vast majority of their assets unused. Now add up the additional expense of maintenance, power usage, people and replacing out-of-date technology every 36 months; paying for only what you use starts to make a lot of sense. The pay as you go model allows you to have scalable expenses for technology that match your revenue and growth streams.

No large upfront capital
Datotel’s cloud services are available individually or in conjunction with other services. Our solutions can address business requirements that are as simple as backing up remote data from a branch location to replicating data on redundant servers across a wide-area network. Because Datotel utilizes the best practices in technology, we can offer enterprise-class services to small- and medium-sized clients without the initial capital investment.

Less Risk
All of our services provide client access to proactive and on-site technical management 24x7x365 for business continuity and peace of mind.

As adoption of the cloud is growing, security is still a large concern. An InformationWeek survey cited that 50% of business technology decision makers have security as their biggest concern when considering cloud solutions. It’s important to remember that regardless of where it’s stored, it’s your data. At Datotel, we work hand-in-hand with you to make sure that the appropriate levels of security are in place. In fact, we have a team devoted to compliance, governance and security protocol. We are also continually audited and verified by 3rd parties and are governed by SSAE and other compliance regulations.

Whether your goals are to free up resources, improve redundancy, lower risk, become more flexible or lower costs; the bottom line is that moving to the cloud is the next big thing and it’s already changing the way our customers do business.

Datotel cloud computing services and options include: