Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Easily set up new users and manage the inventory and ownership of phones.

It starts out easily enough. You get a few cell phones for key staff or you adopt a bring your own device policy (BYOD). Or maybe you decide your staff in the field all need tablets. Soon, you are managing a fleet of mobile devices. While it’s convenient that everyone has access to their email, files and the internet – how do you manage and maintain all of this additional equipment? Then the inconvenience starts… someone forgets their password, someone else loses a phone and there are always new users. Suddenly a person has a full-time job managing devices, on top of their real full time job. That’s why you need Datotel Mobile Device Management.

Datotel Mobile Device Management allows you to set up new users and manage the inventory of phones and ownership easily. You can lock phones, set passwords, or wipe devices remotely. Mobile Device Management can even let you control what apps your staff downloads and consistently set security settings. Managing mobile devices doesn’t need to be someone’s full-time job, let it be Datotel’s job.

Datotel Mobile Device Management features:

  • Configure detailed security settings on business-owned devices.
  • Keep track of devices registered to individuals and associated handset details.
  • Passcode Security
  • Lock phones, set passwords, or wipe devices remotely.
  • Remotely configure email and Wi-Fi access on devices for new users.
  • Use the built-in GPS on mobile devices to locate lost or stolen smartphones or tablets.