Server Management

Server Management

A defined approach and methodology to manage your infrastructure and proactively identify issues.

It’s more than just monitoring – it’s a comprehensive list of services that you need to ensure your IT environment is healthy and operating at the most optimal level. Companies struggle to keep their server software and critical patching up to date. Datotel offers a defined approach and methodology to manage your infrastructure and proactively identify issues before they become an outage for your business. 

Datotel Server Management offers:

Monitoring and Support
Day. Night. Holidays. Someone will always be there for your organization. With 24x7x365 monitoring and alert notification, you will always have access to a dedicated support team. 

With management of your server’s anti-virus software, you can rest assured that your server will be safe and protected. 

Expert Advice
Typically, you would need a full team of professionals to get the experience and expertise to proactively manage your servers and systems. Each of these professionals would have a separate salary, benefits and vacation, at the very least. By utilizing Datotel, you can keep your systems and software up to date and secure without the investment and management of a full time staff.  

Proactive Management
From daily active directory back-ups to installations of critical patches and updates, your organization can reduce downtime that would usually be due to unplanned maintenance. Instead,  we improve efficiency, productivity and end-user experience. 

The Datotel Way
Our process starts with learning your business, so we can thoughtfully apply the technology that’s going to make your business more effective, more secure and more efficient. The Datotel Way includes everything from our customized implementation process, your dedicated Account Manager to our proactive technology management using industry best practices.