Online File Sharing

Online File Sharing

Easily share, collaborate, and stay in touch with your team from home, on the road, or in remote offices.

A better solution to sharing files

If you’re getting frustrated emailing attachments, large files or field documentation, Datotel Online File Sharing can remedy those problems by allowing you to easily share, collaborate and stay in touch with your team from home, on the road or in remote offices.


There are so many options today for sharing files, but many are designed for personal use and lack the security needed for today’s business. In fact, many free versions use the personal information to sell to advertisers, making it unusable to store sensitive data. Datotel Online File Sharing is designed for business. This hybrid cloud solution offers enterprise-class security and privacy. From protected access for your regular users to temporary access for clients or business partners. Users can easily store, share and access files, from anywhere, with any device — without compromising security.

Datotel Online File Sharing allows you the control to determine where your files are stored- sync to your own Active Directory, your own server or save in the cloud.

Benefits include:

  • Remote access w/o use of VPN
  • Easy sharing between offices
  • Sending large files is a breeze
  • Secure online storage/backup/DR
  • Fast local access to data via LAN
  • Offline access
  • Mobile device usage
  • Server synchronization