Secure colocation options offer the security, flexibility, and convenience that your business demands.

Datotel’s primary data center (IT colocation facility) is located inside the Globe Building in downtown St. Louis. Our state-of-the-art St. Louis data center is equipped with secure cabinets, uninterrupted power and connectivity. Redundant backup systems comprised of multiple uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, a backup generator and a considerable supply of fiber allow Datotel to offer the highest uptime for your systems. Datotel can support customer requirements ranging from a single cabinet or rack to larger colocation solutions, requiring thousands of square feet. We review your needs and requirements on a case-by-case basis, providing maximum flexibility.


Secure Full and Half Cabinet Colocation

Our full and half cabinets offer the security, flexibility, and convenience that your business demands. These lockable cabinets provide unescorted access 24x7x365 for your authorized personnel.

Secure Caged Colocation Floor Space

For the ultimate in flexibility and scalability, we can provide your business with virtually any cage configuration that your business demands. From 56 square feet to several thousand square feet, our Secure Caged Colocation space can fill the need for virtually any size data center. As always, your authorized personnel has unescorted access to the facility 24/7/365, so our data center feels like it is your own.


Datotel has an in-building Utility Substation. The HVAC and power systems include multiple levels of redundancy and are cross-monitored through several management systems, insuring the highest grade of service and availability. At Datotel, we monitor and measure your power use on a per kWh basis – so you only pay for what you use.

Connectivity (Bandwidth)

Datotel provides three drains from separate vendors, with access up to 10Gbps. The internet connectivity utilizes a fully redundant core networking gear to allow for optimal uptime.

The Datotel colocation facility offers a network presence from a variety of service providers and readily available infrastructure to connect to a diverse fiber ring around the city, providing redundant diverse connections to meet any requirements.

The Globe Building

Built in 1931, the Globe Building has always been a home base for the communication of information, whether in the form of the printed newspapers of the Globe Democrat or the latest in telecommunication and data center companies. The building is ideally suited for data centers due to its unique structural
features. Originally designed to be twice the height, construction was stopped at seven due to the start of the Great Depression. This resulted in a building with more elevator shafts and supporting steel columns than a typical seven-story building – ideal for a data center and connectivity. The Globe Building is the largest carrier hotel in the region. Parking underground in the Globe Building is easy, with high-speed, secure garage doors, video monitoring and well lit 24x7x365 access.

How to choose a Data Center

Colocation, is just space, power and bandwidth – right? Not exactly, while the basic services provided by any two data centers may appear the same, how those services are delivered and managed can be completely different. Colocation is not a commodity.

When considering colocation, you should think about everything from the physical construction of the data center to the maintenance and management. Here is a checklist of what you should look for:

  • Redundant feeds from the main power utility
  • Automatic fail overs to backup sources of power from generators and UPS systems
  • Redundant power feeds to the client cabinet and cage areas
  • Cable management –the cables are labeled, clearly coded and organized
  • Proactive monitoring of manageable network hardware and firewalls 24x7x365
  • A notification system to let you know about any potential network or infrastructure outages that may cause a disruption or down time to your IT systems or services
  • Monitors physical security and access
  • Do they provide support 24x7x365? Do they have technical capabilities to support you?
  • Can they help you with penetration tests, risk assessments, DR and BC plans?
  • Are they compliant with HIPAA, PCI or audited under SSAE

Facility Characteristics

  • 30,000 Square Feet
  • 250 Pounds per Square Foot Floor Loading
  • 12’ Ceilings
  • 470-Car Secured on Site Parking
  • Two Passenger Elevators
  • Four 7,000 lb Freight Elevators
  • One 15,000 lb Freight Elevator
  • SSAE SOC2 Certified
  • PCI and HIPAA Ready
  • Existing Connectivity through Three Diverse Building Risers
  • Two Additional Building Risers Available
  • Four Building POE (Points of Entry) for Network Providers
  • Diverse Metro Dark Fiber Ring
  • Meet-Me Facility
  • 3000 Amp Utility Service
  • In-building Utility Substation
  • Two Megawatt Diesel Back-up Generator (3000 gallon fuel capacity)
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Fully Redundant UPS Systems with Maintenance Bypass
  • Biometric Hand Scanners
  • Proximity Card Key Access
  • Video Surveillance Throughout with Digital Archiving
  • 24 hour Facility Access
  • Secured Customer Staging Area
  • Secured Cabinets and Private Cage Areas Available
  • Video Intercom
Controls and Monitoring
  • On-Site Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Cross-Monitored Digital and Analog Management Systems and Software
  • Complete Remote Access for Monitoring
  • Complete Power Monitoring to the Distributed Circuit Level
  • Redundant HVAC System
  • Over 430 Tons of Existing Capacity
Fire Suppression
  • Dual Zone Preaction (dry pipe) Fire Suppression
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)