Alerting and reporting when you need it.

Did you know that almost half of all organizations use five or more tools to monitor their IT? Are you tired of having your users tell you when something is wrong? Effectively monitoring your critical IT infrastructure is about more than just the tools you use. These tools need to be configured, tuned and updated to keep up with your business and IT infrastructure. Datotel Monitoring leverages the industry’s leading monitoring platform with our expertise and focus to optimize the monitoring, protection and management of your environment.

Datotel Monitoring offers a range from monitoring specific devices and systems to providing comprehensive management for your key business processes, no matter how geographically dispersed or diverse. Datotel Monitoring offers options to monitor your entire environment including physical and virtual servers, networks, applications, databases, storage, private and public clouds and even transactional monitoring.

Datotel delivers the dashboards, alerts and reports your IT staff and business leadership requires. We can even take care of system alerts and issue remediation – before issues have an impact on your business. For compliance intensive organizations that require FDIC approval, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA or PCI Data Security Standards, Datotel’s systems can be used to monitor and report on activities on your network, offering audit trails for IT compliance initiatives.

Datotel Monitoring Services provide you with a real-time view of system and network performance, which helps to simplify fault management, troubleshooting and reporting, and in turn, allows us to provide you with 100% uptime.

Web Monitoring

Today’s web users expect to be able to access applications from anywhere and on just about any device. But how do you know when there is a problem with your site? Are certain components loading more slowly in one browser type but not others?

Datotel Web Monitoring is a simple, flexible and cost-effective way to proactively manage the end-to-end performance of your cloud, mobile and traditional Web applications.

Datotel Web Monitoring provides, in real time, monitoring for a wide variety of possible issues, from slow page response times to monitoring the behavior of forms such as login pages and shopping carts. All delivered by a network of 95 monitoring stations across six continents, 48 countries, 93 cities and 15 time zones.