Let Datotel help in determining the type of connection that best meets your business needs.

The way that your team connects to your infrastructure is one of your most important business decisions today. This connection can have positive or negative impact on your productivity and efficiency. Datotel can assist you in determining the type of connection that best meets your needs. We work with the carriers and can oversee the installation between our facility and yours, or between multiple locations. Let the Datotel Engineers help to configure a plan that is right for your business needs. Datotel regularly works with a variety of service providers to connect to the available connection options to meet any requirements. 

Network Connection Options

Datotel offers multiple separate drains from independent carriers. With options up to 10Gbps and our fully redundant core networking, our bandwidth allows your business the most optimal uptime and scalability.  

Direct Connect  
Direct Connect allows you to establish private connectivity between your location (or multiple locations) and Datotel. This direct connection may reduce your networking costs, increase throughput and provide a more consistent experience than typical internet connections by avoiding network latency. Datotel Direct Connect also allows for easier scalability providing variable speed options from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. 

Software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) allows for network simplification by managing all routers from a central point without sacrificing security or privacy. This software based management can lower operational costs and use bandwidth more efficiently. SD-WAN can work with any type of network – from fiber to broadband; and from a variety of service providers – from Internet to more complex MPLS networks. SD-Wan allows you to manage and create policies across the whole network at once, allowing for increased security and productivity. 

Site-to-site VPN   
A site-to-site VPN creates a direct, unshared and secure connection between your business and Datotel via the internet. Deploying a VPN allows employees and other pre-authorized personnel to gain access to the infrastructure that is protected by a firewall or other filtering rules. A VPN will encrypt data transferred from the user’s location to the destination server, preventing third parties from “sniffing” or otherwise intercepting data in transit between locations. 

In a world of viruses, worms and malicious hackers, having a secure, managed firewall is a necessity in protecting the information that drives your business. Our managed firewall can be used in conjuction with our virtual server solutions, colocation infrastructure or even point-to-point data circuits that are centered from our facility. Having a firewall provides a critical layer of protection for the data and information stored within a data infrastructure. When used with proper patch and system administration, it can prevent unauthorized users from gaining access or exploiting flaws in applications accessible by the outside world.