Security Awareness

In today’s world, businesses are forced to be constantly ready to defend against all the different types of online attacks. In the face of an online attack, businesses need to have security in place to protect their data. But security alone won’t protect you, researchers at Stanford University and a top cybersecurity organization found that approximately 88% of all data breaches are caused by an employee mistake. Providing security awareness training for your users and making some simple data access changes can help you to be prepared for threats against your data and systems.

Most importantly, you need to train and educate your employees on cyber security. When employee awareness of cyber security is high, they will have a lesser chance of falling victim to exploitation. This should even include your IT administrators, even though they possess a higher level of technical knowledge, they also hold the keys to the kingdom.

Data access is something many employees take for granted, but comes with much more risk than is often assumed or remembered. It is not uncommon for companies to leave server info and data open to all employee access. While this may be a very easy and convenient way for companies to operate, it leaves the important data open to significantly more threats. By limiting the amount of people able to access company data, you are able to drastically reduce the amount of risk.

This can also be applied to where your company chooses to show its presence geographically. For instance, if your company is domestic based and doesn’t plan to work internationally, you can choose to limit access your important tools, such as websites and emails, geographically. This then narrows your funnel of possible attackers to a much smaller area, and limits the possibility of an outside entity trying to gain access into your crucial data.

Finally, it’s important to have a strong IT partner available to quickly provide support should you become the target of a cyber-criminal. For more information on cyber security training, data classification or other security related items- contact a Datotel representative today!