The Datotel Cloud Environment

Cloud computing environments generally fall into one of three categories; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) through to Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

The Datotel cloud offerings fall primarily in the IaaS space, although we do offer a number of applications such as Microsoft Exchange e-mail and Blackberry services that are delivered and consumed by our clients on a variable per use basis.

Our IaaS Cloud based offerings deliver computing environments as a service to our clients as and when they need them and on a pay as you consume basis. They no longer have to invest their own capital in buying servers, networking equipment, software or incur the associated time and expense in managing and supporting their environment. Rather all of that is provided and managed by us.

The virtual servers our clients use sit on top our VMWare server farms (currently running on VMWare vSphere) and either run the Microsoft 2008 or Linux operating systems. This platform enables them to lower their risk and potential impact of system downtime due to vMotion and/or through other advanced VMWare functionality that we can deploy should they need a higher level of availability such as Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery Manager. Consistent with the computational infrastructure, the networking and storage components of our architecture (built on Cisco and EMC technologies) are also deployed in a redundant fashion.

We provide and manage everything from the data center infrastructure through to the managed virtual server offering.  With the entire Cloud Computing environment managed and monitored through our CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager and eHealth platform, and the facility and power systems monitored by CA ecoMeter. This comprehensive and unified platform allows us to ensure service level compliance and manage the scalability and overall health of our Cloud services.

Hopefully that gives you a good overview of the architecture of our cloud environment, but we’d be happy to talk in more detail if you have any questions. Just give us a call.


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