Fostering St. Louis Entrepreneurialism

As mentioned in an earlier post, “Datotel Celebrates Downtown St. Louis, Entrepreneurialism,” we’re excited about our entrepreneurial competition with IT Entrepreneur Network (ITEN). The competition is currently underway and if you’re an ITEN member, you can submit your entry here [competition closed, link removed]. If you’re not an ITEN member, please contact ITEN to get involved – it’s a terrific organization!

ITEN is a St. Louis-based organization that supports startup technology companies. Now in its second year, ITEN has launched new services to help emerging companies get to sustainability. A few of ITEN’s new services include:

  • Mock Angel Training: puts startup companies through an intense regimen of meetings and evaluations with would-be investors
  • Executive Placement Program: connects ITEN members to serial entrepreneurs who are interested in taking leadership positions with promising companies.

If you’re interested in reading about a few successful ITEN members, click here. There are some great success stories.

At Datotel, we’re passionate about advancing St. Louis entrepreneurialism and it’s my hope that the 10 emerging companies that win this competition can utilize Datotel’s cloud-computing services to make their business flourish. I know how hard it can be to get off the ground. Not too long ago, I was there. And I’m confident that with a little help, there are many innovative businesses in the St. Louis area that can thrive.

At Datotel, we’re trying to do our part with ITEN to foster St. Louis entrepreneurialism, what are some ways you can help?


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