Private Cloud Computing Environments

A cloud computing environment is an environment in which the user can gain access on an as needed basis to virtualized and dynamically scalable computing resources. These resources can be as granular as pure CPU cycles as provided by utility and grid computing environments through to Software as a Service based environments like

Cloud computing has a number of distinct advantages to a traditional in house IT deployment model:

  • Higher scalability – the computing capacity is there when you need it. No more waiting on physical resources to be procured and put in place before you can gain access to them. Due to the nature of the private cloud environment scalability can easily be achieved.
  • Higher reliability – due to the underlying technology, the environment is now decoupled from the physical hardware and can realize the benefits of spreading the computing load over a number of resources in a large farm of physical servers. When one server fails the environment is still up and running.
  • Pay for resources as you need them – For the user, scalability doesn’t mean having to have large amounts of costly unused server capacity available (average capacity utilization is only 5% to 10% on a traditional dedicated server; but you still pay for 100%). Private Cloud environments on the other hand allow the user to not only scale the resources they need when they need them, but pay for them on a similar basis. Why pay for capacity you’re not using?
  • No capital required – Purchasing computing capacity as you need it, means no capital expenditures for the consumer.

The Datotel Private Cloud Computing Environment provides access to resources such as various types of storage, virtual servers and desktops through to email and mobile devices, all on an as needed basis. These systems are powered from our own platform supported by our data center and team here in St. Louis. It allows our clients to gain the benefit of cloud computing while still ensuring that they have access to the local resources to work with and also that the environment for their data is secure and protected.


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