New Email Archiving Platform Launched

One of our latest accomplishments at Datotel is the completed rollout of our upgraded e-mail archiving platform. One of the benefits of this new solution is that it provides considerably more than just an e-mail archiving platform. It’s actually the groundwork for an entire file archiving, retention, and search platform that will allow us to expand our hosted services offerings well beyond simple e-mail archiving. Here are some of the specific features of Datotel Enterprise Vault that make it such a valuable addition to our Hosted Managed Services Platform:

  • Automatic Mailbox Management – One of the key goals of the Hosted Managed Exchange platform has always been mailbox availability and management.  As mailbox sizes increase, and the mail databases that host those mailboxes increase as well, server performance and user experience usually suffers without intervention. With Datotel Enterprise Vault, policies can be created to automatically archive individual mailboxes, e-mails and attachments. When mail is archived, shortcuts are left behind to allow users to transparently access archived content. This allows Exchange to focus on newer information, while Enterprise Vault manages older content, helping to increase server performance, and offer a better user experience day to day.
  • Seamless User Experience – Data archival isn’t useful if the required information isn’t accessible in a timely and organized manner. With Datotel Enterprise Vault, data is indexed as well as archived. Indexed data is easily searchable using the tools that Datotel Enterprise Vault integrates into Outlook, Outlook Web Access, and Exchange. Shortcuts and web-based search functions are also available, and will help users access everything from large volumes of data that meet broad requirements, to single messages.
  • Vault Cache – In addition to providing search and retrieval functionality, Datotel Enterprise Vault takes special care of mobile users. With the ability to configure a Vault Cache on a mobile user’s machine, laptop users can take full advantage of the same search and retrieval functionality that’s built into the Datotel Enterprise Vault without being physically connected to the network. More importantly, the Vault Cache is configured to automatically update when the mobile user is reconnected, so archived data is always up to date.
  • Mobile Search Support – Further augmenting our mobile users, Datotel Enterprise Vault has built in mobile search functionality for Blackberry and Windows Mobile (Activesync) users that will allow mobile users to search and access archived messages as well as attachments.
  • Windows Desktop Search – Datotel Enterprise Vault can be integrated with Windows Desktop Search to provide a single search interface for access to both local desktop resources, as well as archived resources, through the vault. Searching from a single location helps users quickly find and retrieve messages and documents from wherever they might be located.

In addition to those user oriented features, one of the biggest benefits of the Datotel Enterprise Vault platform is the single instance archiving of mail messages and documents. This translates to less storage space required to archive all this data, and a lower Total Cost of Ownership to our clients.

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