Why Patch Management is so important

You’ve seen the news and read the articles. The recent ransomeware attack is being called the largest ransomware attack in internet history. But did you now that the damage could have been avoided if those computers had been properly patched?

What is patch management?

“Patches” are upgrades for software applications and technologies that you have on your computers and network devices. A Patch Management strategy is an ongoing plan for managing patches that can help a business or organization handle the changes efficiently.

Why Patch Management is so important

As more devices and operating systems are introduced into your organization, security and endpoint management of desktops, laptops and mobile devices, become increasingly difficult. With every new connection, the need for more sophisticated patch management and lifecycle management takes on added importance. Figuring out how to manage this expansion of devices has become a huge headache and risk for business today.

Datotel offers an Endpoint Management solution that automates the patching process for devices – both on and off your network. Plus, it provides you with at-a-glance visibility into the patching status of your entire IT environment. Our engineers ensure that your Windows and third-party patches are at a secure level. We monitor for available patches, gather and validate patch data and track patch distribution in real-time

Additionally, our Endpoint Management solution includes managed anti-virus, asset tracking and reporting and remote management.

A regularly maintained network means fewer failures, higher productivity, cost savings and enables you to focus on your core business activities, instead of managing devices and problems. Here is a link to a recent article from a Washington University cybersecurity expert: Preventing WannaCry, other ransomware attacks. I encourage you to make sure your machines are updated and protected. If you would like to learn more about Datotel’s Endpoint Solution, please let us know.