The Datotel Risk Assessment Methodology

Risk assessments come in many forms, but the underlying purpose is to identify and document known risks to a given process or system and identify the consequences if that risk were to occur. With the risks both identified and quantified, an organizational response can be developed to either mitigate the risk from materializing in the first place or proactively putting solutions in place to minimize the negative impact should it occur.

At Datotel, we help our clients through this process of collating the known risks that are typically only found in the heads of their employees and distilling them into a documented form. Once documented, it’s much easier for the organization to address the risk and put plans in place to address them in a proactive manner. We focus predominantly on the data, systems and infrastructure itself to ensure security, confidentiality, data integrity, privacy and availability.

The goals of this process is to place the organization in a more proactive position to manage their risks and minimize their financial and reputation loss to the organization. Of course, this isn’t just a once and done exercise, but rather a methodology that produces ongoing deliverables to be executed to upon a given schedule.

For more information on our approach to risk assessments and how to conduct one at your organization, please contact us.