Security and compliance in the data center

Whether you’re the CIO at a construction company or involved with technology at an IT services firm, security and compliance is high on both your list, and that of your board. At Datotel, we spend a lot of time strategizing and implementing measures around the security of our client’s infrastructure and the data that goes into it.

For many, maintaining a highly available data center space that provides the necessary levels of both physical and logical security isn’t something that fits within their skill set. One of the larger challenges in doing this successfully is the process of change management and ensuring that your security is comprehensive and tested.

If you don’t do it every day or have proven procedures in place, executing to change in the datacenter can be not only hard, but may also introduce unnecessary risk to your company.

In our conversations with CIOs, we know you are measured by how successfully you and your team execute implementation of programs around efficiency, security and scalability for your company as it grows. These additional types of initiatives are hard enough to execute, let alone successfully managing a datacenter environment on top of all that. Change management is the difference between success and failure in this area.

This is where colocation providers like Datotel excel. We live in this space and know what it takes to help you achieve success. Rely on a provider that can not only demonstrate (through independent audits such as SSAE) that they can successfully execute a change management process, but also have the track record of doing so efficiently.

Our customer success team is specifically aligned with our clients to help ensure we collectively meet you success goals. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more.