Planning for a pandemic

There’s an overwhelming amount of information in the media about COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. Everyone from the CDC to schools are putting plans in place should we need to limit travel, limit going to school or even going into the office. While in recent times we haven’t been faced with a health crisis of this proportion, having thought through these situations can prove to be helpful for everything from a weather event to a global pandemic. Is your organization prepared should we need to put plans into place?

The first logical question to ask is can your organization continue with a remote workforce. What type of impact, or risk, would it present to your business? Could this impact supply chains? Absenteeism? Production delays? Having a short and long term plan in place could separate your organization from the ones that fail to prepare.

From an IT perspective, Datotel has compiled a list of questions to ask your organization:

  • Do you have methods to establish secure remote connections?
  • Are your files and data accessible to those that will need them?
  • What business systems can be or should be accessed and managed remotely such as your financials, ERP or inventory systems
  • Are your systems sized appropriately to handle the number of remote users you may need to rely upon

If you answered yes to many or all of these- you are well on your way to having a solid plan in place. You will need to make sure that this plan is communicated to your employees. Equally as important would be to test the plan, does everyone know how to connect, and do they have their passwords? Additional training may be necessary to keep everyone up to speed.

There is a lot of information coming out daily, and with that comes a lot of misinformation. Keeping your team up to date on the situation and your policies and procedures is critical. Don’t forget that you need to have access to your team – do you have everyone’s cell phone on record or know how to contact? Do you have an easy way to communicate updates and logistics to your employees?

Many of these plans can be implemented quickly, however putting a viable remote desktop or secure VPN solution in place can take time. We don’t recommend waiting until a true event occurs, consider your options and start your plan today.

Datotel can help, ask us about our remote desktop or other virtual solutions.