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DCIM – Better Energy Management

In our data centers, we are under constant pressure to be more efficient, from shortening the new client onboard time to reducing power and cooling costs. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are our number one priority and energy is obviously … Continue reading

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How We Use ITIL v3 To Improve Customer Service

— co-authored by Melissa Byers, Manager of Customer Support — It’s obvious to say that data centers don’t manage themselves — it takes a combination of staff, processes and technology to ensure that the systems and process run smoothly and … Continue reading

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Evaluating Cloud Providers: The One Question To Ask

Imagine that you’re a CIO, CTO or otherwise in charge of your company’s technology decisions and in the midst of a search for a cloud provider. After many hours of research, too much coffee, nonstop meetings, facility tours and the … Continue reading

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North Carolina’s newest economic addition

Try to imagine handling more than 500 million customers’ basic information, such as their age and location. Now, add in each customer’s likes, political affiliation and all 168 photos of their cat, Oliver. Not the typical data need, right? The … Continue reading

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  • Is IT better to outsource?:

    When you’re running a business, you hire individuals who are experts in their select field. Hire accountants to maintain the books and financials of your business, hire sales people to market your product or service, hire specialists who can make … Continue reading

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