SSAE16 SOC2 – What is it and why should you care?

When you outsource elements of your IT support and environment, how do you know the partner you have chosen is operating soundly, efficiently and not exposing your data and systems to unwanted risk? It’s a bit like choosing to go … Continue reading

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Colocation – is it just space, power and bandwidth?

Colocation, that outsourced datacenter space, can on the surface appear to be much the same between providers. It’s just space, power and bandwidth, right? Well, no, not quite. While the basic services provided by any two given datacenters may on … Continue reading

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Cooling Trend

It’s still a warm 80 degrees in St. Louis this week, but hints of fall have been creeping through the heat. Thankfully, a cooler season is upon us, and the nicer weather on the horizon has me thinking about some … Continue reading

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Thoughts on starting a business in trying times.

While times are tough, a down economy can actually be a good time for entrepreneurs. This morning, KSDK News Channel 5 emphasized this point and had successful business owners on the air, sharing advice for starting a business. The station … Continue reading

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  • Is IT better to outsource?:

    When you’re running a business, you hire individuals who are experts in their select field. Hire accountants to maintain the books and financials of your business, hire sales people to market your product or service, hire specialists who can make … Continue reading

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