Datotel exists to protect vital information, prevent disruption in business operations and provide both responsive service and unparalleled expertise for our clients.  So how can we help?  It starts with our core values and moves to our customer-centric approach to solving business problems for our clients.


Said another way, Datotel provides strategic business solutions that help our clients reduce the total cost of ownership of their IT infrastructure while ensuring that an optimal level of risk is in place for management of its mission-critical function. Founded in 2004 with the sole mission of reducing IT costs through optimal resource allocation, Datotel empowers companies with the services they need when they need it to keep their networks operational with 100% uptime. This is accomplished through expertise and service which generally consists of a combination of the following services:

Cloud Computing
Green Technology

Datotel helps businesses achieve their goals by transforming their approach to IT through the use of our advanced technology.  The Datotel team works closely with each client to provide a specific set of hosted services based on their exact needs.

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