Insourcing is the advantageous use of Datotel resources and capabilities in conjunction with Managed Services to offer a complete solution to clients’ every IT need. Unlike traditional information technology outsourcing, Datotel essentially becomes your IT department.

Insourcing requires intimate knowledge of the client’s business, the clients’ clients and the vendors’ businesses as well as how they all interact together. Since Datotel will in effect become a member of the client’s team by acting as the delivery mechanism under the client’s name, this is an essential component to the success of insourcing services.

Insourcing is a highly recommended resource for small and regionally based companies. In the past, resources and infrastructures now available through insourcing were uneconomical for small and regionally based companies. Now, these companies can dramatically increase their efficiency, seeming larger and lowering barriers to success with Datotel’s access to the latest technology and the skill set to successfully implement it.

Conversely, due to improvements in efficiencies, insourcing also enables large companies to seem small through increasing responsiveness and flexibility.

Why Insource IT Services?

Insourcing is more than staff augmentation or third party managed services. By choosing to insource with Datotel, clients gain a direct extension of their existing team. This direct extension acts on the client’s behalf with vendors, customers and shareholders. By insourcing, clients can gain expanded and higher quality services at lower cost than hiring internal, dedicated IT staff. Access to Datotel’s team of highly specialized engineers, managers and infrastructures is spread across several organizations, making services and resources affordable that otherwise would be cost-prohibitive if accessed independently.

Advantages to Insourcing IT Services with Datotel

Insourcing gives Datotel clients access to the best resources available, but only when they need them. It levels the playing field with larger competitors by removing or lowering efficiency barriers gleaned by those that can afford to implement necessary business IT systems. Datotel offers clients safe and reliable IT systems with ample redundancy. Additionally, insourcing IT services means that our clients’ information systems are “firm dependent” rather than “person dependent” and that makes our clients less vulnerable and more secure.