In a world of viruses, worms and malicious hackers, having firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services is a necessity in protecting the information that drives business. Datotel’s carrier-class security products, such as Cisco ASA, are chosen for clients based on the most appropriate fit for the client’s specific needs. Our firewall can be applied to our dedicated hosted solutions, colocation infrastructure or even point-to-point data circuits that are centered from our facility.

Having a firewall provides a critical layer of protection for the data and information stored within a data infrastructure. When used with proper patch and system administration, it can prevent unauthorized users from gaining access or exploiting flaws in applications accessible by the outside world.

Deploying a VPN also allows employees and other pre-authorized personnel to gain access to the infrastructure that is otherwise protected by a firewall or other filtering rules. A VPN will encrypt data transferred from the user’s location to the destination server, preventing third parties from “sniffing” or otherwise intercepting data in transit between locations.

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