Email Archiving is a cloud service that Datotel provides to clients who want to reduce their total cost of ownership of their email platform and maintain security at the same time.

Email archiving allows the organization to consistently manage the retention policy of all the individual emails in their numerous email accounts; it removes the management of email retention, deletion and search from the individual end user to a centralized function. With end user access to the archive being granted based upon privileges and roles set by the system administrator.

Furthermore, multiple retention policies can be set for both the organization and individuals as required, which means no more individual .PST files stored on the end users’ laptop or PC!

Key benefits include:

  • The streamlining of the backup and recovery process by moving older, infrequently accessed data from production sources into a centralized archive.
  • Not only are emails outside of the retention policy automatically removed from the archive, but coupled with the deduplication and compression algorithms, the platform results in the reduction of the storage footprint and costs by up to 60% or more.
  • With a centralized archive, the management interface allows the organization to implement a set of comprehensive email archive policies, to gain full control of how and when emails are archived, stored and finally removed
  • Based on predetermined security roles, organizations can use advanced search functionality to quickly conduct e-discovery giving them clear visibility, preservation and export capabilities without the very time consuming and manual alternative.

The Datotel solution is deployed as a cloud based service, as a pay for what you use, when you use it model and with supporting infrastructure that is flexible to grow or shrink with your needs as they change.

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