Cloud computing services from Datotel have great potential to make your business more efficient. You can think of a cloud service as a hard drive on the Internet, one that allows you to keep data and applications for quick access or shared access.

For data consumers, such as employees or a sales force in the field – cloud computing services mean that they don’t have to store anything on their device. One of the significant benefits of this cloud data or application storage platform is that your business information and assets are device independent. With cloud computing services from Datotel, your employees have access to powerful computing potential – from most any kind of laptop, tablet or smart phone. At Datotel we deliver cloud services to businesses as a total cloud computing solution that combines both applications and services. Whether your business is scaling up services to meet the demands of a busy season or scaling down, cloud computing services offer easy access to virtualized and dynamically-scalable computing resources.

For businesses looking to enhance their agility in the market or streamline processes, cloud computing services from Datotel provide a range of options from beginning to end. Datotel cloud computing services and options include:

  • Hosting
  • Storage
  • Back-up Solutions
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • E-Mail and E-Mail Archiving
  • Virtual Desktop
  • 24/7/365 Support

Many businesses have turned to cloud services for data security and integrity. Since a company can store critical business data in a cloud storage environment and have access to that information even after a catastrophic loss of physical equipment (flood, fire, theft, power failure), a cloud computing platform is an excellent part of any business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Our clients gain the benefit of lightning-fast cloud computing services from an environment that maintains rigid security and total protection for their critical business information. All Datotel cloud systems are powered by our own platform and supported by our data center engineers. Learn more about our Data Center in St. Louis.

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