Backup – Datotel DataVaulting vs. Tape

The main alternative to Datotel DataVaulting at present is a traditional tape based backup solution.  Most companies will currently be using tape, which can be slow, unreliable and susceptible to loss and theft.

There are a number of companies providing similar backup services, but few offer the depth of the Datotel DataVaulting solution.  The following are the main features that differentiate the Datotel DataVaulting solution from the rest.

  • Self healing and restoration validation ensure that all backed up data is recoverable
  • No scheduled downtime for software install, operations, management and upgrades
  • No user effort required for Datotel DataVaulting DS-Client software upgrades
  • Data roll back to any point in time to overcome human, application and software failures
  • Provides a disaster recovery storage system that can be shipped on-site if necessary
  • Data liability reduction by providing data destruction with certificate
  • Scales as data grows
  • Increased likelihood of meeting SLA’s (RTO’s and RPO’s)

Backup – Common Questions about Datotel DataVaulting

Backup – Datotel DataVaulting Technical Deployment

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