Backup – Datotel DataVaulting Technical Deployment

  • Datotel installs a DS-CLIENT on the customer network and an automated backup schedule is established from one machine on the network for the specified servers to be protected.
  • Data is collected from the specified servers across the LAN/WAN according to the selected backup schedule.
  • Data is optimized for your network with data de-duplication which includes common file elimination across all machines and incremental backups – transmitting only changes made on backed up files.
  • Data is then encrypted and compressed prior to being transferred offsite.
  • Backup data is immediately transferred offsite to our secure Data Center via a WAN.
  • Encrypted backups are held offsite, on disk available for rapid restore.
  • Datotel DataVaulting can be configured with a local storage option for faster recoveries of critical data.  In this case if a recovery is needed, data stored locally can be quickly retrieved at LAN speed, without connecting through the IP WAN to the Datotel DataVaulting Data Center.
  • Data is replicated and archived to cheaper disk storage media at the Data Center, thereby providing a second offsite copy.

Backup – Common Questions about Datotel DataVaulting

Backup – Datotel DataVaulting vs. Tape

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