Backup – Common Questions about Datotel DataVaulting

What is Datotel DataVaulting?

Datotel DataVaulting is a fully managed, fully automated, cloud backup and recovery solution ideally sutied for companies ranging from the small non-profit through to large enterprises with distributed environments.  Any company who relies heavily on its data would benefit from Datotel Datavaulting, but specifically companies with 100GB to several TBs of distributed data or with 20 – 1,000 users.

Backup – Datotel DataVaulting Technical Deployment

Backup – Datotel DataVaulting vs. Tape

How does Datotel DataVaulting work?

  • Datotel installs a DS-CLIENT on the customer network and an automated backup schedule is established from one machine on the network for the specified servers to be protected.
  • Data is collected from the specified servers across the LAN/WAN according to the selected backup schedule.
  • Data is optimized for your network with data de-duplication which includes common file elimination across all machines and incremental backups – transmitting only changes made on backed up files.
  • Data is then encrypted and compressed prior to being transferred offsite.
  • Backup data is immediately transferred offsite to our secure Data Center via a WAN.
  • Encrypted backups are held offsite, on disk available for rapid restore.
  • Datotel DataVaulting can be configured with a local storage option for faster recoveries of critical data.  In this case if a recovery is needed, data stored locally can be quickly retrieved at LAN speed, without connecting through the IP WAN to the Datotel DataVaulting Data Center.
  • Data is replicated and archived to cheaper disk storage media at the Data Center, thereby providing a second offsite copy.

How is it billed and how much will it cost?

Payment is due on the 1st of the month for the service period.  Billing is based on the actual volume of compressed data stored during that particular billing period.  If there is a minimum commit in place and the consumption is less than the minimum, billing will be based on the minimum.

There is no charge for restores.

For an accurate cost proposal we’d be happy to conduct an analysis of your environment and needs.  Give us a call to set up an appointment.

How is my data secured and protected?

The SAN equipment storing your data is physically secure in our datacenter in locked cabinets.  Access both physical and electronically and limited to designated individuals.

Data is further encrypted and protected using a number of security products and services.  For more specific details please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Datotel DataVaulting ecrypts data in flight and at rest from cradle to grave:

  • FIPS 140-2 Certified
  • Data encrypted at rest in the Datotel DataVaulting Data Center
  • Data destroyed based on policy with certificates of destruction

Customers can choose from encryption options that range from DES 56-bit with an 8-character key, to AES 256-bit with a 32-bit character key.  Equally important, Datotel DataVaulting maintains backward compatibility of its software, so that even now, using the current release of Datotel DataVaulting, users can still access and retrieve data encrypted with DES 56-bit encryption years ago.

Furthermore, the Datotel DataVaulting platform is the only agentless cloud based data protection software that is certified and compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2).  This gives government department or regulated industries such as financial or heathcare a stamp of approval that they can use Datotel DataVaulting to collect, store and transfer their backup data.

How do I recover my data?

The Datotel DataVaulting GUI allows the authorized customer network administrator to quickly and easily select and recover data.  The administrator can restore data to a remote system by using their desktop/laptop.

Data can be restored in one of four ways:

  1. Data is restored at LAN speed from Local Storage.
  2. Data is restored across the WAN link.
  3. Data is restored and delivered via a portable disk.
  4. A DS-SYSTEM with replicated data can be delivered to the customer’s site or alternative disaster recovery location or hot-site in the event of a major DR effort.

How fast can I restore my data?

Recovery time depends greatly on the volume of data to be restored and the capacity of the local internet access.  Generally, for individual files, restores can be conducted almost instantly.

If your requirements dictate a faster recovery time objective for large volumes of data, typically we can deploy a local data store which provides cashing functionality to help meet your RPO’s.

Typically, data older than 30 days is archived for long term storage; this data may take longer to restore.

How much does it cost to restore my data?

There is no charge for our team to pull your data back from our DataVaulting platform.  If you need assistance from our team beyond the restoration process we can make them available on a time and material basis.

I have HIPAA, SSAE 16, PCI and other industry compliance requirements, does DataVaulting address those needs?

The Datotel DataVaulting service provides a reliable, secure method of ensuring your mission critical data is protected.  It is in place for many clients that have diverse needs from a requirements standpoint such as HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory obligations.  Please contact us for further information on how we can help you achieve your compliance goals.

What can I backup?

The datavaulting platform works with all types of data formats, file structures and operating systems.  It will even handle open files, databases and active applications such as Microsoft Exchange.

What environments will Datotel DataVaulting support?

Datotel DataVaulting comes by default with the ability to backup a wide range of applications and databases including:  Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle (including SAP-certified backup/restore), DB2, MySQL, VSS-support, System State & Services Database, Netware, AS/400, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X.  In addition, Datotel DataVaulting integrates natively with VMware, Hyper-V and XenSource virtual machine servers.

What features are included in the Datotel DataVaulting platform?

Datotel DataVaulting is an Agentless solution that includes features such as common file elimination, de-duplication and CDP an can backup both physical and virtual machines.  Datotel DataVaulting also comes with certain optional features which include local storage restore, BLM, self healing and LAN storage discovery amongst others.

We suggest scheduling a short demonstration so that we can discuss the Datotel DataVaulting solution in greater detail.

What are the advantages of Cloud Computing over traditional backup and recovery systems?

Datotel DataVaulting allows you to capture less, ingest less, and store less data thus reducing the amount of backup software and storage hardware you buy and maintain.  Datotel DataVaulting provides a smart and affordable approach to backup transformation as you buy less, manage less, and maintain less.  It also allows you to leverage our cloud infrastructure providing the flexibility to consume and pay for what you need when you need it.

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