For companies who focus on data protection, IT constrained organizations, and industries with compliance mandates that are looking to improve their backup with a secure, reliable and predictable data protection cloud backup model, Datotel DataVaulting transforms the way businesses manage and protect their data by delivering market leading cloud backup solutions that seamlessly and efficiently manage, scale and deliver data protection services.

Datotel DataVaulting, a platform based on the award winning Asigra software, is designed to offer backup efficiencies unavailable with traditional backup architecture by allowing you to capture less, ingest less, and store less data — reducing the amount of backup assets you buy, manage and maintain.

Datotel DataVaulting is a holistic data management solution that encompasses traditional and innovative technologies in a single code base and common platform, protecting everything from laptops to data centers.

  • Eliminate the need to manage multiple point solutions. With one piece of software to install, manage and upgrade, there is no need to manage numerous point solutions to ensure your data is protected and easy to recover. Asigra software even self-upgrades, so there is no time-consuming and resource-intensive pushing of agents or updates out to hundreds or thousands of remote-site systems.
  • Minimize downtime with our agentless advantage. Asigra’s agentless architecture assures that you experience no operating system and application disruption or downtime for implementation or upgrades; no security risk because of an open agent port that can be hacked; and no server cycles being wasted for agent software.
  • Recover your data quickly & successfully.  Improve recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives using Asigra’s autonomic healing and restore validation functionality, providing an automated method to constantly monitor and repair backup files before data corruption becomes a serious issue. Protect critical information on a 24×7 basis, automatically keeping data in a valid state and ensuring top readiness for any restore operation.

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