New Look. New Logo!

Here at Datotel and the Globe Building, we’ve recently completed some updates that we’re excited to share with you. First, we are excited to share with you the revamped Datotel logo. As our company has evolved and grown over the last decade, we came to realize that the symbolism that represented us in 2004 is not the same that represents us today. So we re-imagined our visual statement with an identity that is sophisticated, hip and modern. At first glance, you may just see Datotel with a funky “E”, but to us it represents power, growth, energy, cloud, colocation and so much more.


When you next visit the Globe Building, you’ll certainly note some of the more cosmetic modernization. From the improved garage lighting and the new parking space layout through to the updated elevator finishes. Likewise, gone are the tiles on the 3rd floor, replaced with the original concrete floor. Modernized and polished to a very hip, cool and shiny finish. We’re glad to have you check out our new look as you come to visit our offices.

But, for as cool as the lobby, floor and lighting are, what’s more important are the items you may not see on every visit. Such as the upgrades in physical security and access control. The common areas and stairwells now have new cage doors and automated access control has been put in place for an additional layer of security and compliance.

The last improvement is one that we are most excited to share. Our building garage has always been available 24×7, but the new automated badge based entry system will allow a more streamlined access for our clients in off hours. No longer will you need to call our NOC for entry after business hours, the secure door will open with your Datotel Security Badge. And I must add that the aesthetics of the new entry ways are now in keeping with the modern look of the building lobby that was updated earlier in the year.

Of course the easiest way to see the improvements are to come and see them in person. We’d love to give you a tour and show you around the building.

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