Email Encryption – Are your sensitive emails at risk?

Email has become the standard method for communication, but how secure are your emails? Is that confidential content secure while it traverses your internal network? While it’s inflight to the intended recipient through the internet and as it reaches their systems?

Whether it is personal information, your latest sales forecasts, or confidential client communications, when it traverses the internet to your recipient it may be at risk of being intercepted. A breach of information caused from one email alone being intercepted with sensitive content could have disastrous implications both financially and legally.

The Datotel cloud based email encryption solution, is an easy to implement policy based platform that can protect you and your organization from this type of risk.

Predefined rules are set up to automatically enforce security and compliance policies based on: sender or recipient identity, email attributes or attachment types, or alphanumeric phrases and formats (such as those commonly found in bank account or social security numbers). The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is automatically applied to all of those emails that fit those defined parameters.

Further to those rules, Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption can also be enforced between any two given organizations – protecting all communications between both parties. Email communications not requiring either AES or TLS encryption are sent and delivered as normal.

Working seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and the end user Outlook client, this solution is very simple to both get up and running from an administration and end user standpoint.

Delivered cost effectively as a cloud solution, there is no capital upfront investment required and it can be deployed in a short amount of time.

Why take the risk of having your communications compromised?


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