2011 Cyber Monday Roundup

Now that several days have passed, let’s recap what happened on Cyber Monday, both locally and nationally and examine emerging trends.

According to TechCrunch, this year’s Cyber Monday sales hit a record 1.25 Billion, up 20% over 2010 spending. Based on reports, 10 million people made online purchases that day and of those individuals, nearly 11% did so using a mobile device, a significant increase from the 3.9% in 2010. As mobile usage continues to rise at a rapid pace, the question becomes: will Cyber Monday be renamed Mobile Monday at some point?

Additionally, 50% of this year’s online purchases were made from work computers. Speaking of which, we spotted this infographic on the topic of Cyber Monday in the Workplace.

Locally, for the third year in a row, Datotel President David Brown gave several interviews on best practices for online safety and security:

• KSDK.com: Safety Tips for Deal Seekers on Cyber Monday, Part 1
• KSDK.com: Safety Tips for Deal Seekers on Cyber Monday, Part 2
• Fox2Now.com Cyber Monday Shopping
• Fox2Now.com: Cyber Monday Security
• St. Louis Business Journal: Cyber Monday: St. Louis web traffic spikes, especially over lunch

Lastly, since it’s still a *relatively* recent event, here’s a look back:
The History of Cyber Monday [Infographic]


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