So you’re backing up your data, but when was the last time you tried to restore it?

In the last week, I’ve come across three business owners who had thought that they had a great backup and recovery process in place for their organization –  that in the event of data loss, they could easily and seamlessly restore their data. I use the words “had thought” as they had also recently found out that although they did indeed have a process in place, the backups were either 1) failing 2) not providing sufficient protection for all their data or 3) they simply couldn’t restore the data they needed. Despite what these owners thought, their business’ internal systems weren’t protecting them. Unfortunately, they found this out the hard way, which is painful but it did create a need for information and opened an opportunity for us to speak with them about solutions so that this kind of event doesn’t happen again.

There are many technical solutions from tape to online backup with pros and cons to each; but any backup and recovery solution is no good if it isn’t adequately maintained or checked on a regular basis. Organizations change over time, and whether you’re conducting backup and recovery yourself, as these businesses were, or relying on an outside resource such as Datotel, the backup and recovery process needs to adapt to meet those changing needs.

When was the last time that you verified that all aspects of your data protection are in place and being met? When was the last time that you performed an actual file level restore and confirmed that your backups are not only running adequately, but the time to restore the data meets current business requirements and expectations?

If it’s been a while, maybe today would be a good day to try it, before you find yourself in a tight spot.

What stories of data loss do you have?


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