Mobile devices, Virtual Desktops & Work-Life Balance

There are those days when juggling our smartphones, tablets and all of the other cling-to devices in life gets overwhelming. And yet, all of those days are made worthwhile when that same technology can help get us out of a jam or give a boost to work-life balance, as experienced by one of our engineers, Christian.

Out one evening, having dinner with his in-laws who happened to be visiting from out-of-town, Christian needed to access his virtual desktop so that he could perform a continuity check on a client project. In the Datotel office, we pair WYSE terminals (thin clients) and VMware View to enable a virtual desktop environment. Using his smartphone and a secure login, Christian gained access to his fully-enabled desktop as if he were sitting in the office performing the same tasks.

With dinner over, Christian next headed to the grocery store and while waiting in line at the checkout, he continued to troubleshoot and monitor the project and collaborate with other Datotel colleagues – who were also working remotely — on the same solution.

As a result of the access to a virtual desktop, our client didn’t experience any downtime or deterioration in their technology performance and Christian kept his plans with family. Needless to say, having this kind of on-demand, instant access just might be the key to work-life balance for anyone who manages technology for a living !

In other mobile-related news out of last week’s Asigra Partner Summit, the newest release of their cloud storage software (Asigra v11) is a significant leap forward for mobile support. With the dramatic rise of mobile devices in the enterprise, the need to protect these devices and backup the sensitive business information contained on them is more critical than ever.

Asigra v11 rolls out with support for the iOS and Android platforms with Blackberry support to come later this year. The solution provides data protection for the entire digital footprint and is an important upgrade as companies embrace the general untethering of the user experience away from traditional office configurations.

– shelly


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