Evaluating Cloud Providers: The One Question To Ask

Imagine that you’re a CIO, CTO or otherwise in charge of your company’s technology decisions and in the midst of a search for a cloud provider. After many hours of research, too much coffee, nonstop meetings, facility tours and the like, you’ve narrowed the list down to three finalists.

Considering that, once selected, one of these three firms will be integral to the security of your company’s business-critical data, a wrong choice here could pose serious risk to the company’s health and damage your credibility.

With so much at stake, having the utmost confidence in the chosen cloud provider is essential. Aside from comparing and contrasting services and pricing, there’s one last question to ask each firm:

What is your hiring process?

The right firm will be able to respond with comfortable assurance that each and every member of their staff, regardless of role, responsibility or tenure has undergone significant critique, well beyond interviews and reference checks.

Datotel’s hiring process is extensive. In addition to multiple rounds of interviews and reference checks, our pre-employment evaluation includes a background check, drug screen and comprehensive psychological assessment to ensure that we hire solidly professional, well-regarded individuals who place great value on personal integrity.

Any IT firm that understands the burden that CIOs and other company decision-makers face regarding security of systems and data will not hesitate to be transparent about their hiring practices.



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