A Week of Community Service

The weather in St. Louis is notoriously unpredictable and this month we’ve had more than our fair share of rain, wind and unfortunately, violent storms. Even though we’re still waiting for the weather to come around to more spring-like behavior, it hasn’t stopped us from getting out in our community this week.

Monday was our Employee E-Cycling Event that was scheduled to coincide with the start of The St. Louis Cardinals’ “Green Week”.  We want to thank the Cardinal organization and WITS (Web Innovation and Technology Services) for hosting their E-Cycling event at Busch Stadium and providing an easy and responsible way for individuals and businesses to get rid of old electronics. And, thank you to the Downtown St. Louis Business blog for mentioning us!

This weekend we have a team taking part in and raising money for the March of Dimes “March for Babies” event in Forest Park. The 3.1 mile walk starts Saturday at 9AM. For more information, please visit our team page.

Improving The Community In Which We Work is a Datotel core value. We’re proud of our staff for embracing these words and using their time and energy to serve others.

- shelly


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