Making Good on Core Values

When you read that a company has core values, what exactly does that mean?

Are these living, breathing ideals that govern the company and it’s activities or are these a few lofty statements tucked in a folder deep in a file cabinet or buried somewhere on the server? Is it a big deal for companies to have core ideals and be obvious about them?

If companies are concerned at all about retaining valued staff, attracting high caliber talent, caring for their customers, growing the business and being viewed as an industry leader, the answer is absolutely.

When employees are hearing about core values in weekly meetings, reading about them on the company’s website, internal newsletter or other communications and seeing them exuded through actions of those in leadership positions, inevitably those values become a part of the daily fabric of the business. And, once the core values become that well known and comfortable to staff, it’s naturally going to outflow to clients in the form of improved customer service.

We point to our core values as one of the key differentiators of Datotel’s culture. Each day, there’s an expectation to make good on our core values of passion, integrity, fun, teamwork, superior business value and improving the community in which we work. It’s not uncommon to walk through the 3rd or 4th floor offices and hear one of these core values referenced in conversation because it’s part of our general vernacular.

Our core values are the backdrop for everything we do, whether it’s a presenting to a client, responding to a support ticket, participating in a community service project or even enjoying a lunch together to celebrate Opening Day of baseball season.

What defines your company culture?
– shelly


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