But Cloud Computing Is Better and That’s Enough! (Day 2 of 3)

Compared to traditional computing, however, cloud computing is a better way to do business. Cloud computing offers you various advantages including:

  • Resilience— Cloud computing removes single points of failure by its nature.
  • Scalability— Cloud computing enables organizations to quickly scale their operations.
  • Flexibility and Efficiency— Cloud computing allows businesses to expand or contract computing power as required and allows ‘bursts’ of computing power to be utilized on an  on-demand basis.
  • Outsourcing non-core activities—Cloud computing makes outsourcing of non-core activities relatively simple and very controllable.

Remember, the market is not looking for “the best” but “the better” technologies. Therefore, we can infer that cloud computing will be accepted by the mainstream, because it is more secure, more flexible and more economical than traditional computing.

Let’s verify this point from a historical perspective. In our grandmas’ generation, mailing letters was the most popular way to communicate. You wrote a letter by hand, put it in an envelope, walked to the post office, bought a stamp, and waited in line to mail it out (by the way, the line could be really really long). However, everyone uses email now. You type a letter and simply click the button “send”. Immediately, your letter is delivered! There are at least 1.4 billion email users in the world. In the time it takes you to read this sentence, 20 million emails entered cyberspace. Email has become the primary form of communication in today’s business world.

But is email the best way to communicate? Of course not! Email users are exposed to various security risks, such as cyber attacks. You can not use emails if you are offline and you may also experience difficulties of processing speeds at periods of peak demand. However, email is more efficient, more secure and more economical than mailing letters at the post office. In other words, email becomes a dominant method of communication in business because it is not the best but a better way to communicate than mailing letters. Similarly, cloud computing isn’t the best way to do business, but the mainstream will still accept it because it is better than traditional computing!


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