Not the Best, Only Better (A 3-Day Series)

Today, enterprises habitually advocate that they are providing the best products or the best services. Just turn on your TV and you will find tons of commercials about the best cell phone, the best laptop, the best video game, etc. Enterprises use the term, “the best”, to label all kinds of services and products regardless of their qualities.

In the technology world, however, “the best” means nothing, because the best technology does not exist! No matter how many years it has been out, a technology is never perfect. Yet it is the imperfections that cultivate the desire and the innovation for a better solution. Technologies are constantly improving and moving forward. There are no best but only better technologies. Understanding this principle, I hope, will help you decide whether or not you should wait to adopt cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Isn’t the Best… (Day 1 of 3)

Cloud computing is the latest buzzword in the IT world. Although cloud computing is generating a great deal of public attention, the implementation rate hasn’t increased accordingly. There are still many concerns about cloud computing, delaying the acceptance of this new technology. Listed below are some challenges of cloud computing:

  • Security—Data in a cloud will still be vulnerable to hacking and other intrusive attacks.
  • Internet resilience and bandwidth—Because the public cloud is delivered via the Internet’s network, users will not be able to use cloud computing offline and may experience difficulties of processing speeds at periods of peak demand.
  • Compliance—Cloud computing usage, especially where it utilizes the public cloud, may place the organization in non-compliance with Data protection laws.

As I have mentioned earlier, no technology is perfect. Nor is cloud computing. Some challenges of cloud computing may never be resolved, and new challenges may be uncovered in the future. Ultimately, another innovation will take place to eliminate the imperfections of cloud computing and a better solution will be discovered. Cloud computing isn’t the best way of computing and it will never be.


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