Winners announced in entrepreneurialism contest

Back in April, we announced a partnership with IT Entrepreneurial Network (ITEN) that would allow ITEN members the chance to win free cloud computing services for one year as part of our push to foster entrepreneurialism in St. Louis. Since Datotel was once in the same start-up shoes as these organizations, we wanted to make sure that we can “pay it forward” when it comes to helping others grow their businesses. We’re now happy to name the 10 winners of the contest. Check them out below, and consider using these companies the next time you need anything from a math tutor for your child to a donation tracker for your nonprofit organization. We’ll be excited to see how they progress in the coming year.  Here is a listing of the winners:

  • Atama Group is an idea laboratory which incubates new startups.  Some examples of its own startups include (now a separate company),, and  Atama is also starting to provide high end consulting services to other startups.  More info:
  • Bizmanualz publishes the most complete set of pre-written policies and procedures for compliance-driven business. In response to customer requests, Bizmanualz has developed and launched a document management software-as-a-service which facilitates document control required by all international quality standards.

  • is an E-Harmony for individuals to find a financial advisor or financial planner who is a match for their specific financial needs. Individuals can use the site for free to find their perfect advisor.

  • Donedo is web-based software that helps nonprofits process online donations and track donors.  Donedo also provides donors with a free online account to store and review their donation receipts.  They have essentially developed a turn-key, online donation processing system for the nonprofit.  Once signed-up, Donedo provides them a “Donate Now” link which provides all the integration with the payment gateway and the user interfaces to complete the transaction.
  • Nexly is a web-based solution that allows businesses to more-easily find and select reliable partners and service providers. Nexly is targeted to small and mid-sized businesses that require B2B services such as sales and marketing, business consulting, and outsourced IT.
  • Off Campus Media is a marketing company focused on helping businesses reach the “new consumer,” a profile defined from the ever-evolving behaviors of college students. OCM offers campus, social media and search engine marketing services. OCM’s expertise in these areas has been acquired through the incubation and launch of websites like (now the leading apartment website for US college students). These websites are developed through a proprietary system that leverages national content partnerships (ex. to create student-centric resources.
  • ppl Devices LLC provides web-based communication and fundraising solutions for the Parent Community at K-12 schools. Through a private web platform, the parent organization, along with all the parents, can organize, plan, and interact in one centralized location. This helps reduce papers, reduce human error and processing overhead, and reduce time spent on manual tasks. In addition, the platform allows the parent organization to utilize the internet to raise funds without requiring their parents to go door to door.
  • provides a structured platform for social aggregation of content on some of the most talked about athletes in the US.  RecruitPages utilizes social gaming principals to engage users around their favorite teams and also incents content contribution on the platform. RecruitPages’ primary differentiating factor is their entirely user-published/shared content model, resulting in a more social experience with a vastly reduced cost structure from traditional recruiting news publishers.
  • Syncrospace, and its web services component, MindActive, is committed to online learning, web communications and leadership marketing.  Our web services division, MindActive has been working in web design and web marketing for over 10 years in St. Louis. The Syncrospace product is a SaaS application that will change the way non-technical people publish online media.

  • Virtual Nerd is an interactive, multi-media web application designed to tutor high school students in math and science.   For a fraction of the cost of private tutoring, students get access to hundreds of interactive step-by-step video tutorials. Their patent pending e-learning platform anticipates students’ questions and allows them to “drill down to related tutorials if they get confused.” This makes using Virtual Nerd a very personalized and interactive experience.  Students also have the convenience of anytime, anywhere access via the web.  And, Virtual Nerd’s built-in reporting features help parents and teachers stay involved as students make progress.
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