CIOZone Interview and Thoughts from CA World

Have you checked out  It’s an internet resource for CIO’s to interact with other CIO’s on best business practices, experiences with software and challenges they’ve faced in their position.  While attending CA World, David was interviewed by CIOZone on this experiences with CA’s ecoSoftware here at Datotel.  The video is imbedded below:

CIOZone Interview with David Brown

Beyond this interview, the Datotel team walked away from CA World with a plethora of new thoughts and ideas.

“In addition to their sustainability initiatives around technology and the ecoSoftware platform, I was very excited to see that CA Technologies is taking Cloud Computing head on and making it central to their strategy going forward.  Datotel is very much at the intercept of both of these technologies and I’m glad to have a partnership with a company that believes as strongly as we do in the opportunity in these areas.”  David Brown

“The most exciting part of CA World was the passion with which both CA Technologies and their partners have embraced the paradigm shift in IT that the cloud represents.  The Cloud transforms the way we manage and secure information technology.  Executive Vice President of CA Technologies, Ajei Gopal, said:  ‘…all rhetoric about aligning IT with the business becomes irrelevant because now – for most organizations – IT is the business.’  We at Datotel agree.”  Andy Belval

If you attended CA World, what were your thoughts and key take-aways?  While the cloud was definitely a key point of discussion, what were some other aspects of CA World that left an impression on you?

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