Top Ten Reasons to move to Datotel’s cloud computing

  1. CREATE A DYNAMIC DATA CENTER – Cloud Computing, through virtualization helps you break the “one application per server” model
  2. HELP EASE POWER CONSUMPTION AND STAY COOL – Although the move from a physical to a cloud environment may be justified solely on the basis of reduced power consumption, the savings don’t stop there
  3. PROVIDE BETTER SECURITY – Cloud Computing allows you to keep sensitive corporate data separate from end-user data
  4. RUN LEGACY SOFTWARE ON NON-LEGACY HARDWARE – A cloud environment can host a virtual machine designed to emulate legacy hardware and allow you to run the necessary operating system and legacy software
  5. DEVELOP AND TEST NEW STUFF EASILY – Application developers can create virtual environments to run multiple operating systems, or even different versions of the same operating system, to test software
  6. RUN MULTIPLE OPERATION SYSTEMS ON THE SAME HARDWARE – Cloud Computing allows you to use multiple operating systems more smoothly.
  7. IMPROVE SCALABILITY – You can scale your environment much more dynamically responding to growth in the user base with little reliance on hardware
  8. ENHANCE YOUR HARDWARE UTILIZATION – With cloud computing, you’re managing the aggregate demand of your enterprise instead of the demand on any particular physical server/application combination
  9. CREATE A MANAGEABLE UPGRADE PATH – Split up the task of upgrading software or operating systems at a reasonable pace; no more all-nighters
  10. MANAGE OUTAGES (EXPECTED AND UNEXPECTED) DYNAMICALLY – For scheduled outages, a virtualized environment lets you shift resources to cover where the outage will occur.  Plus, should a VM fail for any reason, a new instance of a VM can be started at a remote location almost immediately

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the describing the benefits of Datotel’s Cloud Computing offering.  Call us to find out how we can help you move into the cloud.

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