Continuing the Commitment – An ecoSoftware Update

Back in October, we announced our partnership with CA ecoSoftware products to help us more efficiently monitor energy usage at our data centers. Where do we stand with this partnership? What have we been able to do with the software? This video explains:

The CA ecoMeter platform collects information on the power consumed by a variety of devices in Datotel’s data center – from generators and UPS systems to utility feeds and the end sockets in customer cabinets. Data from these areas is displayed in real-time on dashboards that provide our engineers instant reads of power consumption per customer. These instant and detailed reports are essential for our customers that need to comply with proposed climate change legislation in the U.S., as well as customers that are looking to enhance their sustainability.

The benefits for our customers are equally compelling from both an environmental and a financial perspective. Since the software provides historical reports, our finance department is able to provide customers with more detailed and accurate energy bills. Beyond improving the billing process, the CA software allows us to sustain the continuity of our services. Our staff at Datotel can use data from CA’s ecoMeter to identify spikes in energy usage that may signal faulty equipment – this also enables us to better plan for future needs.

While this is just a brief overview of what we’ve seen during the past several months with CA ecoSoftware, we’re excited to see the long-term benefits that CA’s software will continue to provide us. As cloud computing models become increasingly common, the need for service providers to measure and manage energy usage effectively will be more important than ever before in order to accurately bill individual organizations and provide them with the information they need to maximize energy efficiency. We’re working to ensure that we’re poised to meet these needs in the future.

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