Single Points of Failure and Cloud Computing Benefits

I’ve had two articles recently published and thought I’d share them with you…

In Missouri Venture Forum’s March newsletter, there’s an article on page 10 that I wrote. It’s titled “Clouds Mean Sunny Days for Organizations.” In it, I discuss cloud computing and its benefits for business owners.

In addition, in St. Louis Small Business Monthly’s March issue, I wrote an article titled “Know the Bridge Before You Come to It.” The article focuses on “Single Points of Failure” (SPOFs), which I define as “anything that can cause an organization’s communications operations to temporarily cease or slow down.” I chose this topic because it’s my business to provide highly available technology environments for Datotel’s clients and as such, I’m always looking out for possible SPOFs in Datotel’s infrastructure. Why? Because any one failure point could be disastrous.

In this article, I explain that while SPOFs can exist in a hardware system, they also exist in every organization. And while one of the easiest ways to identify a SPOF is to wait until it strikes, I point out that this reactive approach is not ideal.

If you want to learn how your organization could benefit from the cloud or to make sure SPOFs don’t close you down, read my articles and let me know what you think.


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