57 percent of St. Louis small businesses hiring, including Datotel

Earlier this week, the St. Louis Business Journal posted that 57 percent of St. Louis small businesses planned to hire in the first quarter of 2010 (full article here: http://bit.ly/94T0LX). Also, if you’ve been following David and my Twitter feeds (@ddbrown and @abelval), you’ve noticed that Datotel is among the 57 percent hiring. St. Louis Public Radio also noted that several downtown St. Louis developments will continue in 2010 (story here: http://bit.ly/daVRyi).

From the Business Journal:

“I think these poll numbers are a great sign of how local small businesses have persevered, even in tough economic times,” said Dan Curran, communications chairman of EO St. Louis, in a statement. “Despite the recent downturn in the economy, it’s very encouraging to see how many local entrepreneurs are feeling optimistic enough about their businesses to hire new employees.”

As a small business that is hiring, and one that has its headquarters downtown, we’re excited to see that other St. Louis small businesses are continuing to grow even as economic conditions are still uncertain. Do you expect the small businesses mentioned in the article to continue hiring as we enter the second quarter of 2010? What is your St. Louis small business forecast?

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