Keeping Online Shoppers Safe This Holiday Season

Next Monday is “Cyber Monday”, which is the unofficial kickoff for the online shopping season. True to form, last year, Datotel reported a Cyber Monday spike in online traffic for our customers — roughly a 27 percent increase in inbound traffic as compared to traffic two weeks prior. So, in St. Louis, Cyber Monday was a very real shopping phenomenon. Will it be this year?

According to a retail industry survey, this year, 53.5 percent of workers with Internet access, or 68.8 million people, will shop for holiday gifts from work. As in previous years, some employees are more likely to make a dent in their wish lists than others. According to the survey, three-fourths (73.8 percent) of young adults 18-24 with Internet access will shop at work, and men are more likely to shop from work than women (56.3 percent vs. 50.8 percent).

If you’re one of the many online holiday shoppers, avoiding the long lines and hectic in-store shopping, besides making sure that you order your gifts in time, what else should you keep in mind?

As wonderful as the World Wide Web is, it’s important to take precautions when shopping online.  I’d recommend reading the National Retail Federation’s tips for keeping online shoppers safe on Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday season. I’ve bulleted the NRF’s tips below, but I encourage you to check out the NRF’s site for details pertaining to the tips.

  1. Look for the “S” for security
  2. Stay current on security software
  3. Think before you link
  4. Keep your private information private
  5. Mix up your passwords

Do you have other online tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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