Accurately Tracking Energy Consumption

Quantifying our sustainability efforts just got a whole lot easier…

To create a positive effect on the environment while maximizing data investments, we began a wide-spread implementation of CA ecoMeter 1.5 across our data center facility.

These CA ecoSoftware products are designed to help us manage our sustainability initiatives, while helping us track our “real time” energy consumption and identify ways to cut energy costs at our data centers.

Eric McFarland, facility manager at Datotel, added:  “We’re also now able to more accurately track energy consumption down to the individual customer, allowing us to provide more detailed, automated invoicing of energy use, rather than relying on time-consuming calculations in spreadsheets. Our customers appreciate this new level of transparency, and can also use the data we provide to improve their efficiency—by better managing server load, for example—saving them money.”

What questions do you have for us as we continue to use ecoSoftware?  Let us know in the comments below.

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