Sidekick gets a swift kick off the cloud this week

If you’ve been following our Twitter stream this week (, you probably noticed that there was a problem with Microsoft’s popular Sidekick mobile device – how many people were actually affected by the data loss is still unconfirmed, but Microsoft now believes the data loss “affected a minority of Sidekick users.”

Some criticized Microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure for the failure, which was run by third-party provider “Danger.”  While it appears that their provider didn’t follow through on the services they promised, this scenario also reminds us of the importance of backing up your data.  Most of the Sidekick data that was lost is indeed a total loss due to users failing to back up their data.

What can we learn from this?  Cloud computing still has its bumps and edges to smooth out, but even the best data platforms will fall flat if data isn’t backed-up.  We’ll continue to monitor this situation and comment via Twitter, and we’ll also continue to improve the services we provide via cloud computing.

Your thoughts/questions?  More on the issue here:

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