Email Outages

No doubt some of you were affected by Gmail’s outage last week, stranding thousands of users for a little less than two hours.  More on that outage here:,2933,545571,00.html?test=latestnews

According to Gmail, their team is constantly monitoring their servers, which alerted them to the overload and allowed the team to get the system up and running again in a reasonable span of time.  As we all know, however, outages rarely seem to be “reasonable” at the time.  At Datotel, we’re constantly monitoring our servers to make sure that any outages are caught as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, outages do happen, that’s why it is critical to have the right systems in place and the right team to respond quickly.

The Official Gmail Blog has more on Gmail’s response:

What have you heard about the Gmail outage?

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