Missouri Wants to Expand Internet Services

With the increasing proliferation of genuine, non-trivial news and information being shared via Web sites, blogs and social media, the lack of a solid and dependable Internet connection has far reaching implications.  If you are still using a dial-up modem, imagine trying to research an issue that could affect your day-to-day life.

I believe using federal stimulus money to improve technology for the general population is a great idea, especially since those improvements would benefit the entire state of Missouri.  Seeking $142.3 million in stimulus money, the state of Missouri and Sho-Me Technologies plan to expand the reach of high-speed, broadband Internet service to rural areas.  While I am pleased to see that more Missourians could soon have access to technologies that shouldn’t be out of their reach, the value of connectivity is also high within the city limits.  To significantly enhance the value of this measure to Missouri businesses this plan should include an equally aggressive expansion within metropolitan areas throughout the state.

The outlined plan includes the laying of 2,500 miles of fiber-optic cable across Missouri.  As such, broadband accessibility would expand from 79.7 percent to 91.5 percent, breaking down technology barriers in a way that will improve the state in our Internet age.

To learn more about this project, click here.

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