A Case for Outsourced Email

So why should any organization consider outsourcing their email? Why consider outsourcing anything at all?

The answer is, “it depends”; it really does depend on what your organizations goals are. From my experience in working with clients, their goals generally fall into one or more of the following categories as it relates to their email platform:

  1. Lower TCO – They would like to lower their ongoing operational expense involved in managing and maintaining their email system.
  2. Free up cash – They would rather have the assets in the form of cash on their balance sheet than tied up in server hardware and software.
  3. Removing a headache – they simply don’t want the headache of managing the email platform and would rather spend time and resources on other strategic initiatives.
  4. Reliability – they have been experiencing outages or data loss

Outsourcing the email function certainly addresses those goals. We’ve helped clients from as small as five users to a few hundred in size; from the law profession, to banking, consulting, manufacturing all the way through to technology companies.

Further, the term ‘email platform’ is often used when referring not only to the actual Microsoft Exchange email system, but also the accompanying systems such as: anti-spam and virus protection; mobile device integration and email archiving.

So how does outsourcing email help you achieve those goals?

  1. Lowering TCO – Often the operational costs of providing email are underestimated, especially when non-cash items such as depreciation and the organizations cost of money for those assets are taken into account.  Further, a number of expenses that have a real impact on cash (such as the cost of power consumption and hardware maintenance fees to keep the servers running) are committed to over a long period of and don’t really vary with the number of email boxes provided. Business needs change and outsourcing provides a flexible platform that allows you to adjust and match the ongoing expense with the actual number of email users you have at any given point in time.
  2. Free up cash – With the current state of the economy, having cash on hand is more important than ever. Outsourcing email allows organizations to have the email functionality they need without the balance sheet reflecting the hard illiquid assets required if this were done in house. Keep that asset value in your checking account!
  3. Remove that headache – Operational activities must be done on a regular and consistent basis in order to ensure the overall health, stability and security of your email system. In outsourcing your email to a hosted managed email provider, these activities are done for you behind the scenes 24×7, 365 days of the year. As your business needs change, outsourcing also allows your email system to quickly and painlessly match those needs, whether that means a different number of email accounts, storage or operational support.
  4. Reliability – We are staffed 24×7 with highly experienced individuals who are responsible for managing and maintain the hosted email platform. That platform itself is fully redundant from the communications to the outside world through to the back end servers and data center infrastructure that are used to process and store all the email. In addition to being redundant and deployed in a high availability configuration, the data is backed up and verified.

If you’re still not convinced by this article on outsourcing email, please call me (314.802.1711) and I’d be happy to discuss it further.

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